I’m Meaghan, a licensed general contractor specializing in New York City townhouse renovations.

Renovations in NYC are notorious for unexpected obstacles and delays, making them much longer and more costly than anticipated. Though sometimes these hurdles can be unavoidable, guidance from the right person in overcoming them changes the process entirely.

Having gone through my own NYC townhouse renovation, I bring a unique perspective on how to create effortlessly tasteful and comfortable spaces. Functionality, beauty, and cost consciousness are often viewed as incompatible goals by renovators, yet after juggling all three successfully, I understand the importance of each component.

Mismanaged expectations regarding finances and time can cause even the simplest projects to take over a client’s life. Having extensive knowledge of city regulations, as well as a trusted network of exceptionally skilled specialists from the architect to the AV engineer, I can transparently guide you through the process. You can be confident that your vision is being carried out as expediently as possible. My projects, even extensive gut renovations, have all been completed in less than two years.

Above all, I believe in making your renovation simple. And fun.
Brick Institute 2022

We are excited to share that our project at 51 MacDougal has recieved the Gold Award in Historic Restoration from the Brick Institute 2022.


We have also recieved the SARA California Design Award of Honor for our project at 51 MacDougal.